Thursday, January 8, 2015

Professional Reading #1

Edudemic Staff (2014, December 4) Edu2014 Recap: 15 Top Resources On Digital Citizenship

            In the article by the Edudemic Staff, it lists various resources to teach children of all ages about digital citizenship and explains how each tool teaches children.  The main points of this reading are the teaching of digital citizenship for all students. With technology becoming a main focus in education, it is important to teach not only curriculum that incorporates technology, but also being safe while using that technology. I think that teaching digital citizenship is important to incorporate during the school day for multiple reasons. First, it assures that most if not all students will get the message about online safety. Many adults don’t protect themselves online and we can not guarantee they will be teaching their children about online safety. Secondly, I think that showing the connection between school and personal actions is important.
            I agree whole heartedly with this article. Digital citizenship is not a new concept, but with the increased use of technology by younger and younger children; the importance of it is increasing. I like how there are resources, games, lesson plans for every level. These lessons can engage students about a serious topic in a fun way. I can potential see the concern that some parents would have with their children being exposed to sensitive material (depending on the lesson/information), but I feel that the topics can be introduced in general, kid friendly way.

            I think that my district and especially my school would be very interested in teaching digital citizenship. The topic is so important to the level of our students and can create such a big impact them. I think that many teachers would have a difficult time incorporating these lessons into their regular curriculum. They would understand the importance of the topic, but with the consent push of Common Core, I can see the argument about what is more important to teach. At Westfield, we have a scheduled period called acceleration. This class incorporates skills to help students that are not based on curriculum. I can see that this be the perfect place for these types of lessons. I feel that it wouldn’t hurt to recap some of those lessons throughout the year in other content classes as well. This way the students don’t only hear it once, but rather repeatedly so that they can practice these lessons when they work with technology.

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